Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles


The City of Bingen has adopted an ordinance allowing wheeled all-terrain vehicles to be used on all city streets (including Highway 14/Steuben Street and Highway 141/Oak Street) with speed limits 35 miles per hour or less.

Please pay attention to boundaries when using wheeled all-terrain vehicles in Bingen.


Ordinances (laws) have not been adopted that allow wheeled all-terrain vehicles to be used within the City of White Salmon or in Klickitat County (the Port of Klickitat is not within the city limits of Bingen).


If you have any questions about wheeled all-terrain vehicle use within the City of Bingen, contact City Hall 509-493-2122 


Bingen City Streets:

Depot Street

Steuben Street (Highway 14)

Humboldt Street

Franklin Street

Jefferson Street

Lincoln Street

Joslyn Street

Walnut Street

Willow Street

Alder Street

Ash Street

Oak Street (Highway 141)

Maple Street

Cherry Street

Elm Street

Pine Street

Vine Street