Water System Plan


The City of Bingen is in the process of updating its Water System Plan.


Public Hearing

The city will hold a public hearing on the waer system plan and water use efficiency goals on Tuesday, August 18 at 7:00 p.m. at Bingen City Hall, 112 N. Ash. A copy of the plan is located below. The Water Use Efficiency Goals are located in Chapter 4. 


Table of Contents and Executive Summary

Chapter 1, Introduction

Chapter 2, Basis Planning Data

Chapter 3, System Analysis

Chapter 4, WAter Use Efficiency Requirements

Chapter 5, Source Water Protection

Chapter 6, Operations and Maintenance Program

Chapter 7, Distribution Facilities Design and Construction Standards

Chapter 8, Capital Improvement Program and Financial Analysis

Appendix A, Water Facilities Inventory

Appendix B, Water Rights Documents

Appendix C, Water Purchase Agreement Documents

Appendix D, Complaint/Concern Form

Appendix E, Construction Standards

Appendix F, Water Use Efficiency Information

Appendix G, Water Rights Self-Assessment

Appendix H, Well Evaluation Memo

Appendix I, Taste and Odor Pilot Study

Appendix J, Proposed Bingen/White Salmon Cost Sharing Memo

Appendix K, Hydraulic Modeling Results

Appendix L, DSL Study

Appendix M, Wellhead Protection Program Documents

Appendix N, Sample Spill Notification Letters

Appendix O, Maintenance Records

Appendix P, Boil Water Notice

Appendix Q, Follow up to an Unsatisfactory Routine Coliform Sample

Appendix R, Emergency Contacts

Appendix S, Cross-Connection Control Program and Resolution

Appendix T, Coliform Monitoring Plan, Lead and Coopper Sampling Procedures

Appendix U, Detailed CIP Cost Estimates

Appendix V, Bingen Municipal Code Chapter 13.40

Appendix W, DOH Documents


DOH Comment Response Matrix