City of Bingen Resolutions

Resolutions 1924 - 2010 (State Archives)

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Resolutions 2011 - 2017 (City Archives)

2022 Resolutions

2022-003    Cancelling Certain Warrants

2022-002    Establishing 2022 Salary Schedule for Non-Union Represented Employees

2022-001    Establishing a Public Records Act Policy

2021 Resolutions

2021-006      Regarding Property Tax Increase

2021-005      Accepting Construction of the Humboldt, Cedar and Cherry Street Improvement Project as Complete

2021-004      Adopting the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for the Years 2022-2027

2021-003      Declaring a Global Climate Crisis

2021-002      Approving the Klickitat County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan

2021-001      Establishing 2021 Salary Schedule for Non-Union Represented Employees

2020 Resolutions

2020-007     Hood River - White Salmon Interstate Replacement Bridge MOU

2020-006     Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

2020-005     Newspaper of Record

2020-004     Ratifying Emergency Proclamation 2020-01, Authorizing Temporary Procedures to Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Authorizing Utility Payment Mitigation

2020-003     Establishing 2020 Salary Schedule for Non-Union Represented Employees

2020-002     Authorizing ECY SRF WQC-2020-BINGEN-00072

2020-001     Repealing Resolution 2019-005 and Declaring no Implementation of SHB 1406  

2019 Resolutions

2019-006     Cancelling Certain Warrants and Checks Issued by the City

2019-005     Affordable Housing

2019-004     Authorizing ECY SRF WQC-2018-BINGEN-00118

2019-003     Establishing 2019 Salary Schedule for Non-Union Represented Employees

2019-002     The Society Hotel Connections Expenses

2019-001     Interfund Loan to Water Reserve from Sewer Reserve

2018 Resolutions

2018-026     Regarding Property Tax Increase for 2019

2018-025     LGIP

2018-024     Authorizing Signers on Financial Accounts

2018-023     Newspaper of Record

2018-022     Bingen Point Support