Recreational Marijuana In Bingen


The City of Bingen is not adopting any special laws for the location of recreational marijuana facilities within the city limits of Bingen. All proposed facilities will be subject to existing Bingen Municipal Codes as they currently exist or may be amended.


Marijuana Production

The City of Bingen considers marijuana production an agricultural business. Currently the City's zoning does not allow agricultural production with the city limits. The existing agricultural production that is occurring within the City of Bingen is grandfathered in.


Marijuana Processing

The City of Bingen considers marijuana processing a light industrial business. Light industrial businesses can be located within the City's light industrial and industrial zones. Light industrial businesses may also be allowed within commercial zones with a conditional use permit.


Marijuana Retailing

The City of Bingen considers marijuana retailing a commercial business. Commercial businesses can be located within commercial zones.


Any marijuana related business will need to obtain the following before doing business in the City of Bingen:


  • State of Washington License

  • City of Bingen Business License

  • City of Bingen Occupancy Permit (depending on the work that is needed within the facility a building permit, plumbing permit, and mechanical permit may be needed)

  • City of Bingen Sign Permit


Per RCW 314-55-050 a marijuana related business cannot be located within 1000 feet of a playground or public park. A city public park is located within the city limits of Bingen and an additional public park is located on Port of Klickitat property adjacent to the City of Bingen. Both areas have been mapped for the 1000 buffer zone. Links to the two maps are located below:


Daubenspeck Park


Port of Klickitat Marina Park


If you have any questions about locating a marijuana related facility in the City of Bingen, please contact Krista Loney, City Administrator at 509-493-2122 or