Building Department

The City of Bingen is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Skamania County Building to provide faster, easier service for permitting and inspections!

Access the Skamania Building site here.

Access the Skamania Building Portal here.

The City of Bingen is retaining ownership over Demolition, Right of Way Use, and Sign Permits. 

Applications and Fee Information


Fee information

Application Information

Right of Way Permit Application


Demolition Permit Application (Fee $75.00)

Demolition Checklist


Sign Permit Application (Fee $25.00)

Sign Information

Building and Zoning Code
Please reference the 2015 International Building Code and Bingen Municipal Code 15.04.

For zoning map, setbacks, and density information please reference the Bingen Municipal Code - scroll to the bottom of the page and review the sections under Title 17.

To Request an Inspection

Please contact Skamania County Building at (509) 427-3925 or email

Please note that Skamania County Building is closed on Fridays.