2015 Water System Plan


The City of Bingen is in the process of updating its 2008 waster system planning document that was prepared to meet the provisions of WAC (Washington Administrative Code) 246-290-100. The plan is required for the following reasons:


  1. Demonstrate the City of Bingen water system's operational, technical, managerial, and financial capability to achieve and maintain compliance with relevant local, state, and federal plans regulations.

  2. Demonstrate how the City of Bingen water system will address present and future needs in a manner consistent with other relevant plans and local, state, and federal laws, including applicable land use plans.

  3. Establish eligibility for funding of water system improvements per Chapter 246-296 WAC (Washington Administrative Code).


Water system plans must be updated every 6 years. Analysis of a water system’s capabilities must be done on both a 6-year and 20-year planning period. The 6-year planning period should address issues and system deficiencies that have a health and safety impact. The 20-year planning period addresses issues and system deficiencies that are likely to become more pertinent future planning efforts.


Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Water System Description

Chapter 2 - Basic Planning Data

Chapter 3 - System Analysis

Chapter 4 - Water Use Efficiency Requirements

Chapter 5 - Source Water Protection

Chapter 6 - Operatons and Maintenance Program

Chapter 7 - Distribution Facilities Design and Construction Standards

Chapter 8 - Capital Improvement Program and Financial Analysis

Appendices (Note - Large File)